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Bibee Law Firm

Bibee Law Firm is a law practice dedicated solely to criminal defense, DUI/DWI defense and traffic defense. The firm is located in Roanoke, Virginia. Attorney Wayne Bibee is highly experienced and personally handles all cases from arraignment to trial.   

Our Vision

 Being arrested and charged with a crime, including serious traffic offenses, can be a disturbing and humiliating experience. If the charge results in a conviction, it can lead to serious penalties and collateral consequences.


Bibee Law Firm believes every defendant deserves vigorous, dedicated and experienced representation. Therefore, the firm seeks to provide this quality representation at a reasonable, affordable fee.  




Roanoke criminal, traffic and DUI/DWI defense attorney Wayne Bibee has over twenty years experience, including both criminal prosecution and defense.


Mr. Bibee is a graduate of Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles, California. In addition, he has completed extensive trial advocacy training at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina, the federal government's school for criminal prosecutors. He has received additional trial advocacy training at the Trial Advocacy Institute at the University of Virginia and the College of Trial Advocacy at the University of California, Hastings College of Law.

Mr. Bibee served as a criminal prosecutor in Los Angeles County, California for over 15 years, during which time he supervised DUI/DWI and domestic violence units and prosecuted more that 85 jury trials. He also handled thousands of criminal, DUI/DWI and serious traffic cases at all stages of the proceedings.


As a defense attorney in both California and Virginia, Mr. Bibee has represented clients in a wide variety of criminal cases (misdemeanors and felonies), DUI/DWIs and serious traffic offenses. Also, in California, he represented numerous parolees in parole violation hearings.     



Wayne Bibee



"Wayne is a good man, and an awesome attorney...He has my highest recommendation and is a consummate professional."

Ralphe W., Atlanta, GA

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Protect Your Rights

You have rights which protect you but, unfortunately, you can not rely on the police, prosecutor or other government officials to protect your rights. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to act as your advocate and protect your rights.

Attorney Wayne Bibee aggressively applies knowledge, skill and expertise to defend the rights of his clients and to obtain the best possible results in their cases.

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