Roanoke VA Criminal Defense Attorney

Roanoke VA Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Wayne Bibee focuses his law practice on criminal defense in Roanoke and surrounding counties. His goal is to help you obtain the best possible results in court and to relieve your stress and anxiety along the way. Through the use of technology and keeping overhead low, the Bibee Law Firm provides the high quality legal defense you deserve at a price you can afford.


Consequences of a Criminal Charge

Being arrested, charged or even accused of a crime can be one of the most frightening, disturbing and humiliating experiences a person can ever face. This is rightfully so.

A criminal charge, even for a misdemeanor, can potentially result in substantial jail time and large fines and penalties. In addition, related consequences can be severe.

A criminal charge may result in loss of employment or employment opportunities and diminished personal reputation. Under certain circumstances, professional licenses, immigration status, driving licenses and gun ownership rights can all be affected by a criminal conviction.

When you face a criminal charge or when you are being investigated for a possible charge, you are up against the full power of the government, state or federal. The police, the investigating agency and the prosecuting agency have great power to build a case against you and charge you.

Protect Your Rights.

You do have rights which protect you but, unfortunately, you can not rely on the police, prosecutors or other government officials to protect your rights. You need an experienced, assertive criminal defense attorney to act as your advocate and protect your rights.

It can be a serious mistake to believe you can resolve the matter by speaking with or cooperating with the police or other law enforcement authorities before you have obtained legal representation. The law enforcement officials may use your statements against you. Before speaking with anyone about the matter, you need to retain an attorney experienced in criminal law who will serve your interest and protect your rights.



Roanoke criminal defense attorney Wayne Bibee’s practice is solely dedicated to criminal, DUI and traffic defense. He personally handles each client’s case through all stages of the proceedings, including trial, if necessary.

Experienced Former Prosecutor

As a former criminal prosecutor, Mr Bibee has over 15 years experience and has done over 85 jury trials and more than 200 court trials. He provides dedicated, experienced representation to persons facing criminal charges. With the experience of a former prosecutor, Mr. Bibee knows how prosecutors file cases and how they evaluate and value them. Likewise, he knows where the weaknesses can be found and how to protect your rights. Let Mr. Bibee put his inside knowledge, experience and skill to work for you.

Time is of the essence. If you have been arrested or if you are under investigation for a crime, contact Roanoke criminal defense attorney Wayne Bibee, for a free, confidential consultation.



It is to your advantage to have experienced legal counsel at the earliest stages of the investigation or criminal proceedings. Contact Mr. Bibee as early as possible for a free, confidential consultation regarding your criminal matter.

Even if you have not been arrested or charged but you have reason to believe you are the subject of a criminal investigation, it is wise to have a consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney. In some cases, charges may be avoided if defense counsel engages in early discussions with the appropriate prosecutor.

It is extremely unwise to attempt to resolve your criminal matter by speaking with the police, investigators or other law enforcement officials. They may use what you say as evidence against you.



Mr. Bibee believes everyone who faces criminal charges deserves quality legal representation. However, not everyone can afford the usual fees charged by experienced attorneys. Therefore, in appropriate circumstances, Mr. Bibee is willing to moderate fees and payment schedules to accommodate the client’s situation. His goal is to make quality legal representation available for a reasonable and affordable fee.



For dedicated and experienced representation at a reasonable, affordable fee, contact Roanoke defense attorney Wayne Bibee. CALL DIRECT, 24/7, at (540) 769-3288 or (540) 682-8828 (fax) or submit an email using the  “Contact Us” response form.


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