Consequences of a Criminal Charge

Consequences of a Criminal Charge

Being arrested, charged or even accused of a crime can be one of the most frightening, disturbing and humiliating experiences a person can ever face.

A criminal charge, even for a traffic misdemeanor, can potentially result in jail time, large fines and other penalties. In addition, related consequences can be severe.

A criminal charge may result in loss of employment or employment opportunities and diminished personal reputation. Under certain circumstances, professional licenses, immigration status, driving licenses and gun ownership rights can all be impacted by a criminal conviction.

When you face a criminal charge you are up against the full power of the government. The police, the investigating agency and the prosecuting agency have great power to build a case against you.

Protect Your Rights.

You do have rights which protect you but you need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney to act as your advocate and protect your rights.

It can be a serious mistake to believe you can resolve the matter by speaking with or cooperating with the police or other law enforcement authorities before you have obtained legal representation.

Before speaking with anyone about the matter, you need to retain an attorney experienced in criminal law who will serve your interest and protect your rights.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Dedicated Representation Roanoke criminal, traffic and DUI defense attorney Wayne Bibee personally handles each client’s case through all stages of the proceedings, including trial, if necessary.

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