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Attorney Wayne Bibee focuses his law practice on criminal, DUI and traffic defense in Roanoke and surrounding counties. His goal is to help you obtain the best possible results in court and to relieve your stress and anxiety along the way. Through the use of technology and keeping overhead low, the Bibee Law Firm provides the high quality legal defense you deserve at a price you can afford.

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Consequences of a Criminal Charge

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Bibee Law Firm is devoted solely to criminal, traffic and DUI defense in Roanoke and surrounding counties in western and southwestern Virginia. As such, the firm is entirely focused on defending and protecting the rights of persons accused and/or charged with criminal, traffic and DUI offenses.

Attorney Wayne Bibee has over twenty years experience in this area of the law. He aggressively applies his knowledge, skill and experience to defend the rights of his clients and to obtain the best possible results in their cases.
The firm believes every defendant deserves strong representation and, therefore, seeks to provide vigorous, dedicated and experienced representation at a reasonable, affordable fee.

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Criminal Defense

It is to your advantage to have experienced legal counsel at the earliest stages of the investigation or criminal proceedings. Contact Mr. Bibee as early as possible for a free, confidential consultation regarding your criminal matter. 


DUI defense attorney Wayne Bibee is currently offering high quality DUI defense. Contact the Bibee Law Firm today! 


Traffic or vehicle code violations are often thought of as minor offenses with relatively little consequence.  However, this is often not the case.

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